Inclement Weather Policy

Winter is coming!  Is your business prepared?   It's a good idea to plan now for how to manage business closures due to inclement weather.   Some things to consider:

  • Who will make the determination if the business is closed due to inclement weather?
  • How will you notify employees if the business is closed?
  • Will you pay employees for time missed due to inclement weather?
  • Will you allow for employees to work from home if they cannot make it to work?

Consider addressing these issues in your Employee Handbook, so that all employees are notified in advance of your policy.  Here is some sample language to consider:

When inclement weather occurs, employees are to contact Management immediately and notify them of any delays or absences, or to learn of any company closures.

There may be times when we will delay opening and on rare occasions we may have to close. Use common sense and your best judgment, however, when traveling to work in inclement weather.

When Company is open for business, even in inclement weather, employees should make an effort to work their usual schedule. Employees who feel they cannot report to work or must leave work before the end of their regularly scheduled shift due to emergency or inclement weather conditions may do so with the approval of their supervisor

Some employees may be able to work from home on inclement weather days, with the express permission of Management.  Non-exempt employee absences due to inclement weather may be taken unpaid, or employees may use accrued paid time off.  Exempt employees may be paid for office closures in accordance with FLSA laws.

Of course, you will want to customize any policy to ensure it works for your business needs and company culture.  Contact Pacific HR if you would like assistance in drafting a customized Inclement Weather policy!