HR Checklist

Use this handy HR Checklist to identify your current human resources needs. Great for any new business, or for a review of your current HR procedures.  This HR Checklist can also be found at


Employee Handbook
Handbook is complete, current and in compliance with State & Federal regulations


Employee Files
Complete employee files for all current employees. Terminated employee files are kept on site. Information regarding medical conditions, FMLA and workers’ compensation are kept separate from employee files.


I-9 Forms
Federal I-9 form on file for all employees, separate from employee files, in accordance with federal guidelines.


State & Federal Postings
Required postings up to date and are posted in an area accessible to all employees.


Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions are completed and up to date for all key positions


Payroll is processed accurately and without incident. Records are retained in accordance with state law.


Procedures are in place to ensure compliance with FMLA regulations.


Procedures are in place to ensure compliance with COBRA regulations.


Hiring Process
Hiring process is organized to ensure compliance with federal discrimination laws and record retention requirements


Termination Process
Termination process is organized to limit wrongful discharge liabilities. Final checks are issued in accordance with state law.


Disciplinary Process
Disciplinary Process is designed to ensure fair and equitable disciplinary action.


Unemployment Claims
Unemployment claims are managed to minimize unemployment tax liability.


Performance Evaluations
Performance evaluations are performed annually for all positions.