Employee Handbook - Top Ten Reasons To Update Now

A clear and thorough Employee Handbook is an important tool for any business.  Here is a list of 10 reasons to get your Employee Handbook up to date:

  1. Document Policies & Procedures: An Employee Handbook is a great place to get all of your company policies & procedures in one place.  Going through the Employee Handbook creation process will help identify and correct gaps in current polices.
  2. Communicate with Employees:   Employees can’t be expected to follow rules unless you clearly communicate your company policies.  A well written Handbook gives employees a one-stop resource for researching company policies, workplace expectations and corporate culture.
  3. State At-Will Rights: Your At-Will status as an employer could be jeopardized if you don’t clearly outline your rights with clear and accurate At-Will statement.
  4. Explain Employee Benefits: Give employees a resource for looking up benefit details and qualification criteria. 
  5. Promote Your Culture: An Employee Handbook is a great way to set a tone with new employees as to your business culture and ethical standards.   
  6. Support your Supervisors: Supervisors will find a thorough Employee Handbook an invaluable asset in guiding employees through company policies.
  7. Present a Professional Image:  A well written Employee Handbook improves your professional image to employees and candidates.
  8. Protect Your Business: A copy of your Employee Handbook is one of the first things an investigatory agency will ask when researching a claim. What will you say if you don’t have a Handbook, or if it is out of date or incomplete?
  9. Complying with Certain Laws: Some employment laws, such as the Family Medical Leave Act require that employers include an FMLA policy in their Employee Handbook.  Failing to meet this requirement could jeopardize the employer’s rights under the act.
  10. Save Time: A complete and accurate Employee Handbook will free up time for you and your supervisors.  The Handbook is a resource for an employee’s questions and will minimize questions posed to management on company policies. 

In short, an up-to-date Employee Handbook is an invaluable resource for any business.  Take a look at your Handbook today and take steps to make sure it is accurate, thorough and complete.